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Sometimes it seems like West Kilbride is all things to all historians, and sometimes our collective pride has got the better of us and we have wrongly imagined ourselves at the centre of national events. Nonetheless, for a small village of around 5,000 people we can add some impressive local details to national and international events – such as the early life of a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the development of the Scottish Reformation, the life of William Wallace, Somerled, King James IV, Mary Queen of Scots and many more.

Surrounded by eleven hills and the sea, with valleys and peaks, views, fresh water and fertile lands we have been strategically placed thousands of years. Now we find ourselves enclosed in a time capsule, living our daily lives alongside the relics of bygone ages seldom even noticing or understanding the rich heritage in our midst.

The purpose of this website, as a companion to the popular Being West Kilbride Facebook Group, is to document and archive as much of this local history for all who would be interested both here and abroad. Hopefully it will encourage a new generation to seek out new details and facts from our history and continue to enrich the lives of others who appreciate what it means in Being West Kilbride.

This website is administered and moderated by Stephen Brown (see www.stephenbrown.info). It is a personal website, all views are my own and may not necessarily be attributed to any other person unless directly quoted or stated to be so.

Another reason for establishing this additional website is that Facebook appears to delete entries more than one year old. This means the information I have loaded up there over the last two years has disappeared and specific topics are no longer unsearchable. This website will therefore archive all my own material and understanding for the benefit of the residents of West Kilbride, former residents and any who might show an interest.

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