Derivation of Place Names: Springside House / Hyndman Road

The Springside estate sits below Law Hill on the North West “Corner”. The house sits on the edge of what was anciently called “The Orchard” below Law Castle, and Orchard House (photo to come one day soon). Below Springside and The Orchard was St Cuthbert’s Wood (Cubrieshaw) – the remnants of which can still be seen today in the trees that continue to grow all around Law Brae.

Springside HouseIt is only natural that a spring would develop from water running down Law Hill and so we can probably guess that the estate sits upon a natural spring. I have attached an old postcard of Springside House herewith (c. 1906).

In the 17th and 18th Century, Springside was the home of the Hyndman family, from whom we get Hyndman Road in Seamill.