Origin of the Kilbride Name (680 years ago this year!)

kilbride place nameI am finally finding a lot more detail on our village origins and I am currently working through how it all fits our history. Previously local historians had suggested we got the Kilbride name from an ancient church settlement in our area. This is a little true – I have been able to go right back to our earliest times (1153 AD so far) through a number of new sources that have opened up to me. I will be sharing more in due course, but I thought you would want to know this little gem as soon as possible.

In 1337, John de Monteith (grandson of the John de Monteith that handed William Wallace over to the English) donated huge tracts of land to the church to be administered from Kilwinning Abbey. That land donated was half the island of Arran including Brodick and Lamlash and here on the other side of theFirth, church lands that we would now recognise centering on the site of the Barony.

The combined land on Arran and here, under Kilwinning Abbey, became known as the Parish of Kilbride as there was a small church dedicated to St Bridget on the outskirts of Lamlash. So between the years 1337 and 1567 we were adjoined to the parish of Kilbride in Arran.

John de Monteith also kept a lot of the important strategic secular land in our area and it was also linked heavily with the Earldom of Arran through the ages. For example Portencross Castle (Boyds, c.1375), Law Castle (Boyds 1475) etc.

The ecclesiastical lands in 1567 were separated finally from the Kilbride parish on Arran by the Maxwells who had land and titles on both sides of the Firth.

Therefore 680 years ago to this year, the Parish of Kilbride came into existence (which included us) and 450 years ago we became Kilbride in our own right.

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