Inner Heritage Trail

Welcome to the Inner Heritage Trail which stretches from the Railway Station, to Law Castle, then along Main Street (the 1,200 year old “Haef Weg” Norse Gaelic Scaldic “Way to the Sea”)  down to the War Memorial and ultimately the childhood home of musical genius Nicola Benedetti.

This trail is a walking trail of forty individual points of interest for visitors and locals alike, and is about 1 mile in length. It can be completed in sections at whatever speed the walker might desire. By connecting on Google maps (symbol – people walking), directions from one point to the next can be played on your phone, tablet or other device with images, explanations and links to more information on the individual points of interest.

Click the links below for information on each point.

  1. West Kilbride Railway Station
  2. Law Castle
  3. The Bridgend Mural
  4. The Old Corn Mill
  5. 17th Century Weavers Cottages
  6. The West Kilbride Parish Church (French Gothic) and
  7. Bill Penny Hall (famous lady architect)
  8. Kings Close
  9. The Barony Exhibition Centre
  10. The Barony Kirkyard
  11. 63 Main Street (1729)
  12. The Glenfield Water Fountain
  13. The Kilbride Tavern
  14. The Old Parish School (Barony)
  15. The Barony Manse & Glebe Lands
  16. The Edwardian Pillar Box
  17. The Village Cross
  18. The Kirkcroft
  19. The YMCA Hall
  20. Kirkfield House (1658)
  21. The Tay Bridge Disaster Monument
  22. Kirktonhall (1660)
  23. Kirktonhall Sun Dial
  24. Robert Simson Panel
  25. Boyd Orr Garden, House and Shop
  26. Old Public Subscription Library
  27. Site of WW2 NAAFY
  28. 17th Century Weavers Cottages (Halfway Street)
  29. Village Green
  30. Old Village Dairy
  31. 17th Century Weavers Cottages (Ritchie Street)
  32. Old Village Post Office
  33. Village Hall (Institute) and Museum
  34. The Masonic Lodge
  35. Old Cinema – Site of the filming of “On the Buses”
  36. The Old Commercial Bank
  37. Overton Church (famous architect) Gothic Revival
  38. War Memorial
  39. Old Bowling Green
  40. Childhood Home of Nicola Benedetti